iCANmove Exercise Rehabilitation for Cancer Sufferers


I CANmove Bike Image - Neil GulliverIncreasing evidence supports physical activity during all stages of a person's cancer journey.

  • During cancer treatment - physical activity improves or prevents the decling of physical function (atrophy) without increasing fatigue.
  • After cancer treatment - physical activity helps recover physical function.
  • During and after cancer treatment - physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and mortality for some cancers, in addition to reducing the predisposition of other long-term conditions.
    Advanced cancer - physical activity can help maintain independence and wellbeing.

¹Campbell et al. (2012). Interventions to promote physical activity for people living with and beyond cancer.  Evidence-cased guidance.  Macmillan Cancer Support.

iCANmove Gymn and Circuits Class

The class is exclusively for people living with and after cancer, and takes place at Roko Health Club (Clifton Moor) on Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm.  Specialist excercise support and programme provision is provided by the instructor, who is able to make individual excercise adaptations for all fitness levels, excercise experience and stages of cancer diagnosis.  During the first half of the class participants use appropriate cardiovascular machinery to improve aerobic capacity and efficiency.  They then excercise on low-intensity circuit stages primarily targeted to improve functional strength, mobility and balance.

For more information contact Greg Hayward on 01904 553503 or mobile 07785 368543 or email: greg.hayward@york.gov.uk