Explore York Booking Terms and Conditions

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By purchasing a place at an event by telephone, in person or via the website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
 - You will review all the information you are submitting to ensure that it is accurate.
 - Bookings cannot be refunded unless the event is cancelled, but substitutions are permitted.
 - If an event is cancelled we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a refund.
 - All places on events are available on a first come, first served basis.
 - We reserve the right to reject any booking at any time.
 - We reserve the right to refuse admission or eject in reasonable circumstances such as rowdy or nuisance behaviour.
 - To minimise disruption, latecomers may be asked to wait for a suitable break in the performance before taking their seats.
 - By making a booking you are consenting to being shown as members of the audience in official filming, photography and sound recording.

Data Protection
 - When you book to attend one of our events online we ask for your name, address and email address. If there is a charge for an event, we will also ask for your payment details.
 - If you make a booking in a library we may ask for a contact telephone number rather than an email address.
 - We use this information to send you confirmation of your booking and any further details about the event, or to let you know if it has been cancelled.
 - Please go to our website if you wish to look at our full Data Protection Policy https://www.exploreyork.org.uk/policies/data-protection/