York Adult Learner Awards 2016

Adult Learner Award Banner

We're proud to be hosting the annual York Adult Learner Awards to celebrate the success of this city's learners.

Following on from the hugely successful event held at York Explore last year, nominees, tutors and training providers will invited to attend the Award Ceremony. This year it will be help on Thursday 16 June.

Adult learners can be nominated for one of eight award categories including 'most improved' and 'biggest achievment'. The full list of categories is:

Higher York Award

This award is open to learners following a Higher Education course at university or college. We are looking for an inspirational person who may have overcome a personal or social challenge in order to further their learning.

Supported by Higher York

Most Improved

We are looking for people who have made significant improvement from their starting point. This is a very individual award and should take account of the skills and abilities of the individual. This could be in a single skill area, where they started with very few skills and have developed to become an accomplished practitioner. Essentially a distanced travelled award.

Supported by Learning City

Biggest Achievment

This award is for a learner who excelled in their area of study or developed their skills to a high level in a particular area. This should be easily recognised by others, including their peers. This may include overcoming significant barriers, but could equally be about a single significant achievement.

Supported by Your Local Link

Creative Learner of the Year

This category includes learners who have taken arts-based courses or other creative classes. This could be someone who has shown great improvement, has made a significant contribution to a project or who has simply been a great class member. It could include someone who has completed a particularly good piece of work.

Supported by University of York

Significant contribution to adult learning

This award is for anyone who has consistently and regularly made a significant contribution to adult learning over a period of time. This could include tutors and volunteers or indeed anyone who works within Adult Learning. We would particularly welcome applications from “unsung heroes” whose work is often overlooked, but who make a contribution week in and week out.

Supported by York Museums Trust

Informal Learning Groups

This award is aimed at classes or groups where the learning does not lead to a formal qualification. It could be for a class who have worked particularly well together, either on a particular aspect of a course or over a long period of time, or who have been very welcoming to new participants. This award might be suitable for self-organised groups.

Supported by Explore Libraries and Archives

Work Related Learning

This award is aimed at those people either in work or preparing for work whose contribution to learning has been outstanding. This could be a one to one session with an adviser or a formal programme. The most important thing is that the result was that the individual either made progress at work or gained employment.

Supported by the WEA

Digital Learner

Digital technology is now integrated into all forms of learning. This award though is aimed at individuals who have made either extensive use of digital resources or technology or used them in an unusual or particularly innovative manner. We are not looking for digital experts, but those that have applied digital technology to their learning in a significant manner.

Supported by York College

If you would like to nominate someone, download the PDF application form here.